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Elm Street Martial Arts - Karate | Pittsfield, MA

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Experienced sensei for quality classes

Elm Street Martial Arts has been serving the Berkshire County community since 1983. Learn from experienced, licensed instructors when you sign up for classes with us.


All classes are team-taught by supportive, compassionate instructors. Lead instructors all have over 25 years of experience.

Meet the owners

Robert Dus and Lisken Van Pelt Dus are the chief instructors of Elm Street Martial Arts. Each have over 30 years of experience in teaching martial arts.


Robert is an eighth-degree black belt in karate and a third-degree black belt in kobudo.


Lisken is a eighth-degree black belt in karate, a third-degree black belt in kobudo, and is a teacher by profession.

Meet our children's program director

Rich Cote is the director of Elm Street Martial Arts' children's program. Also a teacher by profession, Rich is a seventh-degree black belt and has over 25 years of martial arts training.

Instructors with dedication to our craft

You're in good hands with our staff. Both Bob and Lisken have traveled to Okinawa multiple times for training, while dedicating their lives to mastering martial arts.


All our staff are fourth-degree black belt or higher.

Supportive, professional staff

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