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What to expect in your first class

Expect your first class to be confusing and challenging, but more importantly – fun. All of Elm Street Martial Arts’ classes are team-taught, which means you’ll experience large-group instruction – where you will be told to watch and copy – small-group instruction with others at a similar level, and individual instruction.


Your classmates will be both men and women of all ages. Expect them all to be friendly and helpful!

Our teaching philosophy

We understand that each student learns in a different way. Learn at your own pace in our classes through direct instruction, exercise, and interactive training.

Making children's classes fun

While martial arts focuses on discipline, we want to ensure your child learns, gets plenty of exercise and has fun. Teachers are supportive and energetic to help children develop self-confidence and discipline.

Over 30 years of experience

You're in good hands with us. We've been serving the Berkshire County community since 1983 and our owners have over 30 years of experience.


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A supportive, energetic atmosphere!

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